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We are on a mission to preserve the historical authenticity of wood windows through professional restoration and reproduction.  Join us.


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When you hire Restor Wood Windows, you can rest assured that your wood windows will be built or restored according to the highest industry standards and techniques used for over a hundred years handed down from master craftsmen.

Restor Wood Windows isn’t just our name.  It’s what we do.

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We not only take great care in the restoration of your wood windows, but we also take the necessary precautions to guard your home and family against lead.

All of our restoration specialists are Lead RRP Certified for your family’s protection.

Historical Wood Window Facts – Double Hung

The majority of wood windows found in historical homes are double hung which means the upper sash actually works as it can be lowered.  It’s true!

Back when wood windows were installed, homes had no air conditioning.  By opening the upper and lower sash, the hot air escapes out the top and cool air flows in the lower.

Contact us today to have Restor Wood Windows come let the fresh air in!

Double Hung Wood Windows

Wood Window Services

Understanding the processes we undertake to restore your wood windows can be daunting.  It’s important that we help educate you on the terminology and clearly communicate what we will provide on your project.  Let’s review some of the standard and additional services here at Restor Wood Windows.

Fantastic work on our original 1926 windows. We are so excited to have fresh air flowing through the house after who knows how many years of them being painted shut.


Matt Williamson

Gatewood Historic District  |  Oklahoma City

Happy Wood Window Customer


We would be glad to come by your home to review the needs for your wood windows and provide you with a free estimate and timeline for when we can get started.

Give us a call or fill out the short online form to the right and one of our Restor Wood Window Specialists will contact you shortly to schedule a consultation.


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