Restor Wood Window Workshops

Have home owners in your community that are interested in learning some basic techniques
for maintaining their wood windows?

Then you need the Restor Wood Window Workshop to come to your town

classroom instruction

One of the keys to learning is a classroom environment where learning the basics of wood window restoration is dynamic and fun!  In our workshops we cover the following: saber mais

  • Types of Restorationists
  • Wood Window Basics
  • Lead Safety
  • Common Repairs
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Weatherization
  • Hardware
  • Wood Window Resources
  • How To Links
  • Q & A


One thing that cannot be stressed enough in any learning setting is a hands on environment where the participants actually engage in the activity.  Our teaching philosophy is to demonstrate the skill and then observe the homeowner performing the same task.  This ensures they fully understand the requirements and can duplicate it on demand.  Once they finish the course they have the skills and confidence to now work on their own wood windows!

On behalf of all the employees and community members that attended your workshop, we would like to thoroughly thank you for providing a fun yet informative experience. The depth of knowledge that you hold pertaining to restoring windows is copious, yet you took ample time in explaining the art of restoration in a fun exciting way. We appreciate what you have done for our community and look forward to future workshops.

Robert Millhollon

Planning Technician
Ardmore Historic Society

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