Restoration & Reproduction

Whether you want to restore or need reproductions of your wood windows, Restor Wood Windows offers a variety of services to help bring your windows back to life.

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Wood Window Restoration

If you want your windows completely restored, then we recommend the Full Restoration. Here is a break down of the steps we take during the Full Restoration process:

  • Remove the sashes from the frame and take back to the shop
  • Remove glazing and glass (can result in loss of up to 20% of glass which must be replaced)
  • Scrap and sand
  • Reinstall glass and glaze with Sarco Type M Glazing Putty
  • Paint with Primer and then top coat with Sherwin Williams Industrial Waterborne Alkyd Urethane in the color of your choice
  • Lightly scrap and sand window frame to remove loose paint and caulk residue
  • Full Mechanical – additional fee ($225/window)

It’s a fairly detailed and lengthy process that can take anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks.  Once completed, your wood windows will look refreshed and restored to their original beauty!

If you simply want your sashes scraped and sanded, we do offer a Soft Restor as well or we can do a Hard Restor onsite.

Wood Window Reproductions

Wood Window Reproductions

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Utilizing techniques that have been handed down for the last two hundred years from master craftsmen, we recreate hand made authentic and historically accurate reproductions of your wood windows.  Below is an overview of what the process will look like:

  • Take exact measurement of your current sashes and window frame
  • Create reproductions in our shop here in Oklahoma City and deliver to your home
  • Remove the existing sashes
  • Lightly scrap and sand window frame to remove loose paint and caulk residue
  • Full Mechanical –  additional fee ($225 / window)

Much like restoration and depending on production, the entire process that can take anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks as well.  Your new wood window reproductions will bring renewed life to your home and will be built to last another 50 – 100 years.

Wood Window Reproductions

Additional Services


Board Up Wood Windows

RESASH Windows

Made In House

ReSash Wood Windows is our line of authentic reproduction wood windows that we produce right here in our local shop.   Our sashes are made from Douglas Fir which is naturally harder and more resistant to decay than Hemlock, Pine or Western Red Cedar.  We utilize 1/16″ glass, which is what most commercial glass companies now call 1/8″, and is installed with Sarco Type M glazing.

Standard Services

On every wood window project there are standard services that often need to be done.  Broken glass.  Sash ropes are gone.  While most are optional, hiring our professional installers help ensure your wood windows are done correctly.

Below are a few of the standard services and the approximate costs for each as some vary depending on the price of materials.  Once we complete your free consultation, a complete list of all fees will be included.

Soft Restor - Wood Windows

Soft Restor

$45 / Sash

We understand that a Full Restoration can be costly.  That’s why we began to offer a Soft Restor to professionally restore the windows to a point where they are ready to be painted.  Here is what is included:

  • Lightly scrap sashes
  • Remove remaining loose paint with commercial grade orbital sander

Note:  Does not include glazing.

Full Mechanical - Wood Windows

Full Mechanical

$165 / $225

This is the most common service we provide for wood windows.  The only time we will charge $225 is if we are doing a Full Restoration or Reproductions as there is more work involved in the process.

Once completed, both sashes will be in fully working order. 

  • Remove interior window stop (inside trim)
  • Remove lower sash
  • Remove parting bead
  • Remove upper sash
  • Cut pocket doors in the window frame to gain access to window weights
  • Lightly scrap the frame to remove loose paint and caulk residue
  • Attach new sash cord to weights
  • Install new parting bead
  • Reinstall sashes and trim
Replace Glass in Wood Windows

Glass Replacement

$50 + Cost of glass

Covers the labor to replace a common pane of glass.  Here is the process:

  • Remove glazing
  • Take out existing glass
  • Place new glass in opening
  • Install glazing points
  • Reglaze with Sarco Type M Glazing Putty
  • Use dust compound to remove excess glazing

Note: the new glass will still need to be cleaned but please wait at least one week before using any type of window cleaner to ensure the glaze is completely dry.

Glazing Wood Windows


$50 / Sash

Over the years glazing can become brittle, dry and fall out.  Window glazing is important in that it provides a first line of weatherization so it’s crucial to get this repaired as quickly as possible.  

  • Remove loose glazing
  • Apply new Sarco Type M Glazing putty
  • Use dust compound to remove excess glaze

Note:  Your windows will still need to be cleaned but please wait at least one week to allow the new glaze to dry.  We take every precaution to prevent glass breakage but due to microfractions that form in the glass over time, there is still a possibility that some of the panes will break and will need to be replaced at an additional cost.

Additional Services

Not every window job needs these services but we do offer them as a courtesy for our clients that would prefer we handle their project from start to finish.

Again, these are just approximations for pricing and a complete detailed list of all costs will be included with the final estimate after your free consultation.

Board Up Wood Windows

Board Up Windows

$50 – $65 / Window

Once we remove the sashes, your window frames need to be covered.  We can install 1/2″ wafer board ($50) or insulated boards ($65) until we return with your sashes.

Wood Window Hardware


Ranges from $10 – $25

Many times the hardware on your windows is gunked up with paint and residue.  Restoring them is possible but can often times be more costly than simply buying new authentic hardware.

Weatherization for Wood Windows


$50 / window

Most wood windows don’t have any weatherstripping or only have a basic bronze spring strip on the sides.  When removing your sashes, this strip can tear and rip and must be replaced.

Another common type of weatherization is called a “T Track”.  We do not recommend replacing as they often cause the windows to open poorly or not close correctly.  These are also torn and ripped during installation but we do not offer replacements.

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