Need To Know

Expecting the Unexpected With Wood Windows


When working on wood windows, there are number of issues that can can occur.  Because our desire is to be upfront with the process, here are some things you should be aware of when having your wood windows worked on by Restor Wood Windows.


Existing Paint

To remove your sashes from their prison of caulk and paint, we often have to use an oscillating power tool, razor blades and prybars.  While we do our best to only cut through the paint and caulk, some scratches and damage can occur to the sash, interior casing, exterior casing and usually to the interior stop.  The damage to the sash can be addressed with wood filler and will be patched by our team.  However, all paint related issues will need to be repaired by the home owner.



On the same subject, sometimes when removing the wood trim it can split and tear.  This is often caused by screws used to install interior blinds as the holes were not predrilled but it can also happen due to the age of the trim.  In the event the trim is damaged, new trim we will be needed to replace it so that the sash can move freely once reinstalled.  Unless the contract specifically states we are replacing the trim, any additional trim needed and installed will be an additional charge.  We will discuss the issues and cost before proceeding.



Occasionally when we remove your sashes we realize there is either damage to the frame or it is bowed.  Unless the contract specifically states our team is repairing or replacing the frame, any work needed will be an additional charge.  We will discuss the issues and the cost before proceeding.

When replacing existing frames with new frames, this only includes the sill, left, right and top of the frame as well as sash pulleys.  We do not typically provide interior or exterior stop or the subsill as these are technically part of the casing of a window and this is usually done by trim carpenters.  Additionally, if you would prefer a more durable sash pulley beyond the standard push type, there is an additional charge so please ask us for details.



Just like the frame, decades of wear and your home settling can cause them to bow and warp.  Unless the contract specifies we are repairing the sill, any work needing done is outside the normal scope of work.  We will discuss the issues and the cost before proceeding.


interior casing / stool / apron

If you need some help understanding these terms, please feel free to check out our Wood Window Terminology page.  As with all of our projects, we take every precaution to protect and preserve every aspect of your wood windows.  There are times we have to work on these parts so there is a possibility damage can occur when removing or reinstalling them.  Any damage done is outside the normal scope of work.  We will discuss the issues and cost before proceeding.


Sash Pulleys

These poor things get painted, dinged and sometimes don’t want to work.  “Working” condition is a bit fluid because as long as the weight can travel up and down in the pocket, then the sash pulley technically “works”.  If there is an obstruction or something else that inhibits the new sash rope from being run down into the pocket and attached to the sash weight, we will discuss the options and pricing before proceeding.


Weight Pockets

Inside the pockets where the weights travel up and down, there are a multitude of possible issues that can cause issues.  Lathe and plaster, nails, bowed support beams, missing weights, insulation and many more.  Repair work needed to remove obstructions in the weight pockets are considered outside the normal scope of work.  We will discuss the issues and cost before proceeding.


missing Weights

Occasionally we open up weight pockets only to find…well…the weights are missing!  We offer replacement weights starting at $15 for 10lbs and less.  Anything over 10lbs will require a specialty order with a minimum charge of $50.



When working on wood windows, our teams take every precaution to protect the glass from breaking.  However, the historic glass is frailer and thinner than even today’s single strength glass and can break quite easily.  In the event your glass does break, we will replace it at no extra charge with new single strength glass.  Wavy glass is not available unless you would like to pay for the upgrade.


Glass Cleaning

Working on windows is a messy business.  While we do try to remove as much of the oils from the glazing as possible, we do not actually clean the windows.  The new paint or glaze needs time to cure and applying cleaners can harm the paint/glaze and cause premature failure.  You will need to wait at least 30 days before cleaning your restored sashes or brand new ReSash Wood Windows.



When hiring us to paint your windows or purchasing new ReSash Wood Windows, the only parts that we will be painting are the sashes.  The trim, frame, sill and all other parts are not included in the scope of work.  Additionally, the amount of prep work will depend on the package you choose – Soft Restor or OnSite Restor.  With both of these services, you will still have some paint left behind on the sashes as we do not remove all paint back to bare wood.  Wood repair, epoxy work and glazing are outside the normal scope of work but can be added at an additional fee.  

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Unless noted in the contract, we typically provide what is called “spot glazing”.   This means we will be removing loose glaze and then placing new glaze in the open areas.  Removing all glaze from your window and reglazing is an upgraded service and will be noted in your contract.  However, even if we do remove all of the existing glaze, some paint, caulk and glaze may still be on the window.  We are simply trying to get rid of as much of the old glaze so that new glaze can be installed.  Cleaning the remaining residue of paint, caulk and glaze will need to be done by the homeowner or another contractor as this is not included in the scope of work.



If you make the decision to have your windows restored then this only includes the actual wood sashes.  All other parts of the window are not included in the scope of work.  We are more than happy to provide a quote for restoring your entire window but this is not included in our standard restoration process.


reproductions – resash wood windows

Unless specified in the contract, when ordering new ReSash Wood Windows this only includes the wood sashes.  All other parts of the window are not included in the scope of work.  If you would like to have your entire window including the exterior casing, window sill, frame, hardware and sash rollers then we would be happy to provide a quote for the additional materials and labor.  We do not provide painting for anything other than the ReSash Wood Windows sashes.


Gap issues

Installing new ReSash Wood Windows means putting sashes back into an existing frame that is sometimes 50 – 100+ years old.  Many times the frames have bowed or warped and when placing the new perfectly straight sashes there will be gaps exceeding the standard 1/8″.   The same situation applies when reinstalling existing sashes back into their frames as many times these significant gaps were hidden by years of caulk and paint.  Any additional work needed to reduce the size of these gaps is not included in the scope of work unless noted in the contract.  We will discuss the issues and cost before proceeding.


t-track policy

When working on wood windows, occasionally we find T-Tracks.  These are not original to the wood windows as they are metal moldings installed in the 50’s on the sides, top and bottom of the wood windows.  The concept was to provide some weatherization and help improve the operation of the window.  However, in our experience the harm caused by them clearly outweighs the minute amount of good so we remove them from every window.  If you do not want them removed, please let us know beforehand as there will be an additional labor charge for the extra time.



Depending on the age and prior care given to your windows, they can sometimes be in bad to severe condition in terms of durability.  The wood may be brittle or decayed and layers of paint might be the only thing holding parts of the sash together.  We take every precaution to preserve your sashes and not cause further harm.  However, when removing your sashes some damage can occur especially if the wood is not in good condition.  Any repairs to the sashes due to brittle or decayed wood is not within the scope of work unless specified in the contract.  We will discuss the issues and cost before proceeding.



The final step in installing your windows involves installing either the existing hardware or new hardware.  If installing on your existing windows, there is a possibility that the wood may splinter, crack or in some severe cases chip completely off.  We can move the hardware to the left or the right and reinstall but any repairs to the damaged sash are not within the scope of work.  We will discuss the issues and cost before proceeding.



Wood windows consist of a few moving parts.  Traditionally there are the sashes, ropes, weights, sash pulleys, frames and the sill.   The mechanics involve the parts that help the windows open and close.  With the traditional setup, it consists of the sash pulleys, ropes and weights.  However, there are a few other mechanics on the market like spring, tape and hidden balances.  If your windows utilize any of these mechanics, we are not responsible for any damages done as these are outside the scope of work.  We will discuss the issues and cost before proceeding.



Our goal when installing any of our different weatherization packages is to help create a less drafty window for your home.  Depending on the level of comfort you wish to achieve, each package can provide a deeper level of draft reduction for your windows and therefore more energy efficiency.  However, even our Premier Weatherization package may still allow some air to pass in and around your windows.  This is due to many factors like warped frames, damaged sashes (allows air to pass around the weatherization we install) and other mechanical issues common with historic wood windows.



Living in Oklahoma is always an adventure when it comes to the weather!  Opening the windows in your house is something we take very seriously as we want to make sure we are protecting your home from the elements.  We would hate to remove your windows and have rain, hail, sleet or snow come pouring in so we always keep an eye on the weather during every project.  Therefore, if there is at least a 50% change of precipitation we will likely reschedule the work to be done either the next day or another day of your choosing that we can work into our schedule.

Additionally, in the Summer the temperatures can reach dangerously high levels.  If the real temperature goes 100° or over, we will likely cease work and return as early as you are comfortable with opening your home the next day.   

Finally, even though we typically have fairly mild Winters, it can occasionally get too cold to safely work outside.  If the real temperature is 30° or below, we will either postpone the work to begin later in the day or wait until the following day for warmer temperatures. 

These temperature ranges will increase the project times and more than likely cause some projects to take longer.  However, we are committed to protecting our employees from heat exhaustion, heat strokes and/or frostbite so we appreciate your understanding.

The last thing we have to contend with in Oklahoma is of course…the wind.  If there are gusts above 20 miles an hour and the work to be performed involves any ladder work, we will need to reschedule.  Safety is our first priority to our crew and working in high winds can be extremely dangerous.


completion of project

It is our desire that every client love the work we do on their wood windows.  We strive for excellence and the highest quality materials and craftsmanship on every project. To ensure the best communication, the best case scenario is the client should approve the work the same day before submitting final payment.  However, we know that schedules do not always allow people to be at home at the same time we are completing their wood window project.

Therefore, once our team has completed work on your wood window project, you have up to 72 hours to report any issues with the materials or craftsmanship and we will schedule a time to come out and address the problems.  Any issues reported after 72 hours will require a trip charge of at least $100 depending on your location. 



One of the things we love the most about working on older homes is that many of them have beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs.  To the best of our abilities, our teams try to protect the landscaping on every project.  However, in some cases, to effectively work on your wood windows means there will be the possibility that your landscaping will be damaged.  Unfortunately, we cannot save every plant on our quest to save your wood windows!


Yard Sign

One way we get the word out to the home owners in the historic districts is through simple yard signs.  If we are doing work on your home, we only ask that a small sign be placed in your yard during the work to be done.  We will pick up the sign two weeks after the project is completed.

But it’s in the contract

If your contract specifically states we are going to work on any of the above situations (excluding Landscaping), then we will honor the terms of the contract to be sure.  This page was only created to bring clarity on what we do and don’t do while working on your wood windows. 

The simple truth is there are somewhere between 40 – 50 things that can happen on any given window project.  So we want to be as clear as possible on what our services do and do not cover to alleviate as much confusion as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project details.