The safety of your family is of the utmost importance for us on every project we undertake in your home. We take every precaution to ensure that lead dust is properly contained by following or exceeding the strenuous guidelines outlined by the EPA.

Below are some of the steps of a Level 2 (RRP) Containment we are currently implementing to protect your home and family.

Historic Wood Windows

clear furnishings

The first step is to remove furniture, area rugs, curtains, blinds, food, clothing and other furnishings within 4 – 6 feet of the wood windows. Due to liability restrictions, we ask our homeowners to complete this step before we begin the project.

  • Remove anything that prevents access to the wood windows
  • Minimum clearance of six feet from the wood windows
  • All furnishings removed from the room is best but not mandatory indian viagra
Plastic Dropcloths for Wood Window Projects

cover up everything

If everything cannot be removed, we will put a plastic tarp over anything left within six feet. Plastic sheeting is then placed on the floor directly in front of the windows up to six feet back.

  • Cover up remaining items with plastic sheeting
  • Plastic sheeting on the floor six feet back https://lekarna-slovenija.com
  • Carefully wrap up sheeting upon completion of job and dispose in trash
Filtration system

clean up filtration

Every shop vac operated in your home will have our 3 stage, 7 layer HEPA-rated self-enclosed lead filtration system to help minimize lead dust contamination. Below are some of the features and benefits of our triple filtration system:

  • Stage 1: High-Efficiency Dust Bags
  • Stage 2: Super Performance EE Filter Bag
  • Stage 3: 5-Layer Allergen HEPA-Rated Filter

Lead Abatement VS Containment



Process by which all lead hazards, typically paint related, are permanently removed from your home.


Preventative measures to help reduce the spread of lead dust by containing it as much as possible.

At Restor Wood Windows, we take every measure seriously to ensure that we meet or exceed the EPA regulations for lead containment while in your home. If you have any questions about our RRP Lead Safety containment, please contact us as we would be happy to discuss our policies and procedures with you.

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